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Hike to the elephant cave

Hike to the elephant cave

Yes, it’s not an elephant cave in the true sense of the word. A wall with holes created by the approximately 700 elephants in the area who come here and dig with their pastures. They break smaller pieces that they swallow to absorb minerals. Nature and animals are naturally smart.

The presence of the animals is clear

It is a powerful feeling to walk in the Ndoro forest. The presence of the animals is clear. The path is full of elephant feces. We see footprints from leopards. John our guide says that this forest is full of shy leopards. I want to see them !! We continue walking on the path with tracks from African buffalo and monkeys. We see hairy feces-from a leopard that has eaten something furry. Paths go up and down the mountain everywhere. Trampled by the animals. Nature is magical. We still look down to the bottom – 1600 m above sea level. A bird with 20 different sounds, we are invited to 3, sings out over the valley. The trees are brownish yellow halfway up as the elephants use them to scrub off vermin. It is quiet, peaceful and very green. And absolutely wonderful.

Arrive at the cave wall

After an hour we arrive at the elephant cave. Mighty see the tracks of the elephants that come here 2-3 times a week. A buffalo died when a cave collapsed a year ago. His skull is on the slope. The elephants dig and dig until the walls give way. There are 700 elephants in the area. It is clear that this is an important place for them. A stream flows below. Since the water is clear, we know that no animals are around. Best so. We want them to live undisturbed.

Next stop waterfall
We return after a water break. The next stop is the waterfall. The question is whether it is worth walking down down… .Very steep. Now I’m here and good exercise is good, I think, and walk downhill. Incredibly beautiful view with the stream flowing through the valley and the waterfall behind. I climb up to get a nice picture of course. What would be a fantastic experience without a picture nowadays. And then I have to feel the water. Johannes says that the case is small now. We’re waiting for rain. After them you can not sit on the stones as I did. Definitely worth the effort both up and down.

The heart pumps hard after walking all the way up. We walk slowly back to the starting point. The silence is dense in the beautiful forest. I wish I could stay overnight.

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