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Hiking with maasai

Hiking with maasai

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Arusha nationalpark/Tarangire nationalpark/Hiking with maasai in West Kilimanjaro



Number of parks    

2 + 1 nature reserve

Arusha National Park, Tarangire National Park, West Kilimanjaro

For who

Curious discoverers


Hiking with wildlife in Arusha National Park
Car safari with elephants in Tarangire
Hiking with Maasai
Authentic insights into the pastoral Maasai culture

Best time  



Casual comfortable clothes. Hiking shoes.

Travel companions

Private. Some hikes can be done with others


English speaking guide + armed ranger in Arusha


Domestic flights included. You book your own international ticket. We are happy to give advice.

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Tour Plan


Hi Africa!

You meet at Kilimanjaro Airport and after a 45 minute transfer to the area near Arusha National Park, at the foot of Mount Meru, check in at Ngare Sero Mountain Lodge. A perfect start to start this exciting journey with walks with massages and other unique discoveries in Tanzania.

Ngare Sero Mountain Lodge is like a safari in itself and offers great nature experiences and interesting hikes. Start by discovering the area yourself and stretch your legs after the flight. Go down to the lake, maybe take a boat trip. Skip the creek. Swing in the swing over the lake. Sit under the tree and watch the life of the black and white colobus monkeys in the treetops.

Ngare Sero Mountain Lodge


A day at the foot of Mount Meru

Today a 3 hour hike around the foot of Mount Meru. A huge green and lush area rich in plants and animals. We jump over streams, wander in the rainforest and see how people live their lives, grow watercress and corn.

The rest of the day we enjoy the wonderful lodge and lunch and dinner from their vegetable garden. Maybe a ride on horseback? Otherwise, the monkeys are always there to follow.

Ngare Sero Mountain Lodge

Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner

Tarangire National Park

Early start to our favorite park and the elephant paradise Tarangire! We go directly into the park for a car safari and take a lunch box with us. After that you come tired and happy to the lodge to enjoy its surroundings. Most often you can see zebras and other wildlife pass by outside the luxury tent.

Tarangire Simba Lodge

Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner

Tarangire National park

A full day to enjoy this amazing park. You can not hike here so it will be a car safari today. Read more about Tarangire and what you can see.

Tarangire Simba Lodge

Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner

Hiking safari in Arusha National Park

Early morning for departure to Arusha National Park for a hiking safari. A special park where the wild animals have become accustomed to us humans walking past. A beautiful, green park with rolling mountains and streams that flow through the landscape.

We are joined by a ranger from TANAPA who leads us to animal giraffes and buffaloes. Maybe zebras. We walk on to the waterfall and enjoy the stream that flows by.

After the hike, it carries off to the Masai land in western Kilimanjaro to get close to the pastoral Masai culture. This unique lodge 1550 m above sea level is built on several hills on the plain between Kilimanjaro and Mount Meru. The complete opposite of the green area around Ngare Sero Mountain Lodge and beautiful in a completely different way. Whistling winds, the white goats of the Maasai stain the barren landscape and above all - colorful hospitable Maasai who invite with open hearts to their world.

Nothing is as you are used to. You live in a mud house with some additional amenities such as a real toilet, shower and sink. The large pool and wood-fired clay sauna are also an element of natural luxury. A unique experience where you help to develop the villages, schools and orphanages in the area.

At sunset, the Maasai share their culture. Singing, dancing and fighting techniques. Whether you take part or let the impressions sink in quietly, you will not be left untouched. At the campfire, you can learn more about Maasai culture and are invited to ask questions.

The healthy dinner is prepared in part with ingredients from the lodge's small organic plantation. And the herbs come from the permaculture project around the lodge.

Africa Amini Massage Lodge

Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner

Africa Amini Massage Lodge

Morning coffee with sunrise over Kilimanjaro before hiking with massage. In a quiet and expansive landscape, you walk between the hills left behind after a volcanic eruption. Gazelles, zebras, ostriches. Maasai women strolling past with their donkeys in search of firewood or materials for their huts. Birds and traces of the night's wildlife. A few hours later, when the sun begins to heat up the landscape, you are back at the lodge for breakfast with Africa's highest mountain in sight.

In the afternoon a ride in the open jeep to see the wildlife down on the savannah. Hundreds of zebras and giraffes in a pristine magical landscape over the rest of Kilimanjaro watch.

Africa Amini Massage Lodge

Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner

Live like a maasaj - a whole day in your life

Today you live like a masseuse. For real. Nothing polished, nothing touristy. In the morning you dress like a maasai. The day is spent in the Maasai village nearby, and you live their lives for a day. As Maasai do, women go with women and men with men. If you are a woman, you collect roots and herbs and make the traditional massage soup. You will look for firewood, repair Maasaj houses and experience the challenges of Maasaj life. You can milk goats and cows in one of the Maasai settlements near the lodge.

If you are a man, you collect medicine and guard the sheep / goat herd. You are allowed to slaughter a goat and prepare the goat for a fire. Then you invite people from the area to a party.

The children go to school and ride the donkey and take part in the children's lives.

Africa Amini Massage Lodge

Breakfast / lunch / dinner

Flights to Zanzibar

Flights Kilimanjaro- Zanzibar or home

Tour Location

In northern Tanzania- from east to west and back

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