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Hiking safari Serengeti -10 days for the adventurous

Hiking safari Serengeti -10 days for the adventurous

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This is the hike of the hikes, the Rolls Royce of the hikes. The best thing you can do in Africa – a hiking safari through the Serengeti. For 8 days you cross the Serengeti and become one with the animals and nature in one of the earth’s most magical places. A camp with full service, in new magical places every day, means you do not have to carry around a lot of things.

This is possibly, and probably, the most unique hike in Africa. Walking through the Serengeti for just over a week is a transformative experience. A hiking safari like this is two-dimensional – you see the animals, they see you. After three days, you will have developed a sixth sense for the animals, and they will feel you as one of them.

A small crew makes sure that everything works with food, tents, transport and guidance. Together you experience a lot. Experiences that connect together forever.

September / October

The best time for a Serengeti hiking safari is September and October. Then the grass is green and short – easy to walk and a lot of animals around. Topi, eland, lots of elephants and so the rest of everything you can expect. Not a single moment during the day are you without seeing a mammal. The migration is usually in Kogatende, your final destination on this hiking safari through the Serengeti. So pretty big chance that you are migrating right into the migration.

How far do you hike?

You walk about 20 km every day, usually from sunrise to see most of the animals and avoid the heat. The afternoons are spent in the middle of nature with sunsets across the plain and dinners under the stars.

For who 

For you who love to hike, who want to experience something new and at the same time challenge yourself in a comfortable way. You love nature and the wild but you do not necessarily have to cook your own food and set up your own tent.
This hiking safari where you cross the Serengeti is best done with a group of friends, colleagues, family or childhood friends.

The hiking camp

The camp is taken down and set up in a new place every day. In this way, the camp can always be where you want to be – with the best conditions to get the most out of animals and nature. Once you have left the camp in the morning, the crew packs up the camp, drives it to the next magical place where it is waiting for you.


3-course dinner every day under the stars. Most often cooked over an open fire. Family style table service and coffee / tea. We sometimes take lunch with us, sometimes it is eaten in the camp. All to get the most out of the day. Even though you are in the middle of the wilderness, you will be served well-cooked good food. There will be no ice for the drink though…

Guides / security

Your main guide has + 10 years of experience of guiding hiking safaris through various parquet and especially through Serengti. He is trained to carry the main weapon but above all he knows everything about how to behave and how to avoid ending up in unwanted situations without it sake gets boring. He can read nature and look for clues, fresh feces, etc. so that no unnecessary risks are taken. Above all, after such a long time, he has developed a sixth sense for the movements of animals. You will notice the difference after a few days – then your senses have also developed and adapted to the environment. After only three days, you have tuned the animals and they feel it. At the back of the trail also walks an armed ranger from the Tanzania Park Authority.

Tour Plan


Day 1:

Arrive in Tanzania and your guides will meet you. You spend the evening and night at Katambuga House and go through the safari.

Katambuga House


Day 2:

Transfer from Katambuga House to Arusha Airport for a flight into the Serengeti. Imagine the view as you fly over the plain with elephants, giraffes and acacia trees. A short car safari on the way to our camp in central Serengeti. Lunch and then a tour of the equipment, how to walk in this wilderness, instructions about the animals, nature, etc. Then a short practice hike so you are ready for the big hiking adventure.

Serengeti Walking Camp (Nook)

Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner

Day 3:

We set off to the northeast, along the Orange River. We cross the river and hike through a group of kopjes, small mountains with flat tops, and follow a waterline north. Along its waterlines near the forest edge and on the plain, there are always lots of animals to discover.

Serengeti Walking Camp (Holes)

Breakfast / lunch / dinner

Day 4:

You continue the hike along the waterline and finally cross a large, at this time dry, plain packed with views. You alternate between small patches of woodland and open plains, which makes the day varied both in terms of animals and nature. The camp today is set up in one of the smaller forests.

Serengeti Walking Camp

Breakfast / lunch / dinner

Day 5:

Today we hike to Lobo rocks. Here, the forest land becomes denser and vegetation greener, which means a chance for larger herds of elephants and generally higher density of animals. Today's campground is under some large fig trees.

Serengeti Walking Camp

Breakfast / lunch / dinner

Day 6:

We hike around northern Lobo to the foot of the mountain. Today's hiking safari has something extra. Filled with wildlife due to the fact that we pass many water sources that come out of the mountain. Our camp for the night is called Buffalo Camp - with good reason. In addition to the obvious, it has spectacular views over the entire northern Serengeti.

Serengeti Walking Camp (Buffalo)

Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner

Day 7:

We turn west and trudge towards northern Seregeti. The vegetation changes slightly and we mostly walk over small plains bordered by woodland. Here we expect huge numbers of migrating animals. Today, the camp has been set up on a ridge, again with unparalleled views.

Serengeti Walking Camp (Kati Kati)

Breakfast / lunch / dinner

Day 8:

We continue our trek towards the northern Serengeti. We follow various drainage ditches and end up at the river Bologonja where our warehouse is waiting for us by the river bed.

Serengeti Walking Camp (Chumvi)

Breakfast / lunch / dinner

Day 9:

Our last day on this hiking safari and we follow the river down the ridge of Nyamalumbwa into the Serengeti Walking Camp where we enjoy the last evening together by the campfire.

Serengeti Walking Camp (main)

Breakfast / lunch / dinner

Day 10

The last day will be an early car safari when you have the chance to see more animals either tired after the night's hunt or still munching on the hunting luck. You depart from the Serengeti Kogatende runway and take a morning flight back to Arusha Airport, from where you will have your own departure plans. Departure day


Tour Location

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