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Underbar stig på klippan i Usambara på en vandringsresa i Tanzania

Hiking in Tanzania- Usambarabergen

Hiking in Tanzania- Usambarabergen

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Village life and rainforest in beautiful mountains

4 days / 3 nights + hiking safari or Zanzibar

Lucky you who have not yet gone hiking in Tanzania and the Usambara Mountains . We are jealous of you! Not only beautiful mountains. Also rainforest and small sweet red clay villages. Children playing. Women hanging the washed clothes. And goats that bray. Prepare for a proper dose of Tanzania’s rural life. And get ready for amazing views. As if they were created by a Hollywood animation.

This hiking in Tanzania is made to be combined with Zanzibar or a hiking safari. You book your International flight to Zanzibar or Kilimanjaro. Then domestic flight to Tanga which is included.

Hike on your own

We love the area around Irente in the Usambara Mountains. Much because here you can hike and stroll on your own would you so like. In addition, there is Irente Farm Lodge with great atmosphere and location. And with sweeping views, surrounded by dense forest and birds. Furthermore, they have wonderful homemade food, cheese and yogurt from the farm and friendly staff.

Staying at Irente Farm Lodge is an adventure in itself. The area has several viewpoints, hiking trails, lively villages and rainforest. A few days in the Usambara Mountains in combination with Zanzibar or a safari is an experienced packed journey different from other holidays. Magnificient nature waiting to be explored.

The Usambara Mountains

are ideal for hiking and cycling due to their magnificent scenery, breathtaking views and lively villages. They are considered to have the world’s most extensive biodiversity with several endemic species. Furthermore, the area is covered by dense rain forest, tropical forests and protected zones.

The Usambaras invite to spectacular views of the plain and the mountains. The highest peak is at 2,440 m. Along the fertile slopes and on the plain below, the farmers grow various crops. In the evening the sky is colored in pastel and you can see all the way to Kilimanjaro in clear weather.

What is a rainforest?

Rainforest is characterized by a lot of rain – which you can figure out by its name.  The rainforest is important as it stores hundreds of billions of tons of carbon and resists flooding and drought. 40% to 75% of all biotic species are native to the rainforests. But the rainforest is rapidly being destroyed by human activities. Industrial agriculture – especially monoculture and livestock production – is the dominant perpetrator of rainforest loss worldwide.

Unique vegetative structure

Rainforests consist of several vertical layers. At the top is the canopy, up to 100 meters above the ground, where most of the rainforest plants and animals live. The canopy is a dense roof consisting of leaves and tree branches formed by the close standing trees. The canopy offers food, protection and hiding places, which enables interaction between different species. Read more about the rainforest

Our guide- Agrey Shempemba

Agrey is a professional guide born and raised in the area around Irente. He guides both hikes and bike tours for 1-5 days.


Tanzania. Usambarabergen.

Number of parks   



For who

Nature and forest lovers. For you who want real experiences off -the-beaten-track


View of the plain from 2000 m
Hike in dense rainforest
See the unique black and white Colobus monkey
Experience the countryside of Tanzania
Try homemade dairy products
Take a bus like a Tanzanian

Best time



Comfortable. Simple. Bring a rain jacket.

Travel companions



English speaking guide


Domestic flights to Zanzibar or safari included. You book your own international ticket. We are happy to give advice.

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2. Get in touch with us

3. We send price proposals

Tour Plan


Local bus to Lushoto and Irente Farm Lodge

Domestic flights to Tanga where our guide meets up. Together you get an experience-rich bus journey with the local bus. About 3 hours later you arrive in Lushoto.

Arrival at Usambarabergen, Lushoto, and Irente Farm Lodge in the afternoon. Today you can enjoy the striking landscape around Irente Farm and just breathe and relax.

In the evening, a three-course homemade dinner in the yard, perhaps in front of the fire, prepared from ingredients from the yard and the surroundings.


Hiking around the Usambar Mountains and the villages of Irente

Finally time for a hike in Tanzania. After a nice breakfast in the garden, you walk on small roads up the mountain (3 km) together with Agrey. In these mountain slopes, the Wasambara tribe lives a quiet life. You walk on winding paths and pass picturesque villages and nature so beautiful that you just want to eat it. The goal is to reach the 1400 m high vantage point. Once there, the great plain spreads out below you. The mountains with its with villages on the ridges surround you.

Lunch in the yard

You return to Irente Farm Lodge to enjoy a lunch overlooking the valley and under the trees where giant birds have their homes.

After lunch more hiking in Tanzania (6 km return or longer if you want) to another vantage point 1750 m above sea level. This is to end the day with sunset over the Usambara plain and the mountains. We talk to the mountain dwellers and find something to drink in one of the small bars that surprisingly are here in the motto of nowhere.

In the evening another well-cooked three-course meal at Irente Farm Lodge

Breakfast / lunch / dinner

Hiking in the Magamba rainforest

A hike in Tanzania's rainforest is something special. Magamba rainforest is reached from Irente Farm Lodge. On the way you pass beautiful areas and villages. You walk into the dense rainforest (15 km return) and enjoy this special place. Agrey talks about life in the treetops and on the ground. Surely you will see black and white Colobus monkeys living here.

Viewpoint at 1850 m asl

At the vantage point, 1850 m, overlooking the entire area of ​​Irente, various passing weather is observed. Here you eat the packed lunch from Irente Farm Lodge with homemade cheese and other specialties.

After a full day back on the farm to enjoy the peace and surroundings. Dinner on the farm prepared from locally produced raw materials.l.

Breakfast / lunch / dinner

Flights to Zanzibar / safari

After breakfast on the terrace overlooking the valley and bird life, we return to Tanga for an afternoon flight to Zanzibar. The stretch Tanga - Zanzibar is direct and takes about 20 min. Or if you want to continue on safari. Mkomazi National Park is close by. You can also fly right into the Serengeti. Or take a few nights at African Amini Massaj Lodge


Tour Location

From coast to mountain and back

This hike in Tanzania stays on a site- The Usambar Mountains . However, we can guarantee that you will feel as if you have been to many different places. You take the bus from Tanga to Lushoto and see many villages along the way. And the area around Irente has a lot to show.
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