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Tarangire Elephants’ Garden

Tarangire Elephants’ Garden

Between our hikes Lake Manyara and Serengeti iv take a night in Tarangire. We see many animals long before we arrive in the park. George our guide tells us that now with COVID the parks are full of lions, hyenas and other predators. Thus, zebras and wildebeest feel safer outside Tarangire and inside so they go out to find water. Yes or they do not know. That they are outside….

Buffalo and elephants in the valley

George takes us on a safari on the way to the lodge. Zebras running across the plain. An elephant that slowly fluffs, completely unafraid of us. Once in Tarangie Safari Lodge, we sit down and enjoy the outstanding views. Down in the valley we see a herd of elephants and buffaloes crossing the river.

The night in the super cozy tent is made even cozier by the cries of the hyenas. Just love being in the middle of nature with just a thin web between me and the animals. The hyenas have 5 different sounds and what we heard was apparently the territorial sound (I knew ha ha ha).

5 meters from a ditch

In the morning when I walk towards the restaurant a small ditch looks at me, 5 meters away from me, while the monkeys scream in the trees. LOVE CARD! 6.15 and everything is in semi-darkness. I’m sitting on the mountain. Tarangire Safari lodge has the best views of all here in the park. I here the sound of about 70 African buffalo that spent the night down among the trees. They lurch slowly down towards the river and glide over. A little blue starling sits down next to me. Here you get close to the small animals as they are habituated.

Baby elephants at the lodge

Suddenly a whole elephant family enters the lodge, 8 individuals of which 2 little ones, born this year. They loiter and eat and get so close that one of the staff has to face it. Elephants are matriarchate and the female leader comes as close to me as 3 meters where I take shelter inside the house. I see every little straw on her body, see her eyelashes. We are instructed by George to keep quiet. These large animals have linked the human voice with negative experiences. If they get too close to the villages, there will be a lot of shouting and screaming. It is also about respecting the animals. To let them pass their land undisturbed. We are their guests.

The blood vessels of the Tarangire River park

Tarangire is a pleasure even without animals. On the way to Karatu I enjoy its stately baobabs and hills that give excitement to nature. The Tarangire River flows through the park and is a hot spot to see the animals, especially in drier times. We always saw lots of elephants by the river, of course also zebras, wildebeest and all other animals that need to drink. The giraffes mostly stand and eat from the trees – but we saw them with them. And large flocks of baboons with small children riding on their backs.

I probably think Tarangire is my favorite park because it is so varied and green. And full of elephants. Though I also love Selous. And the Serengeti. And Lake Manyara. And everyone else I have not yet discovered.

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