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Bergskammen vi ser under vandring i Parebergen

Hiking in Parebergen

Hiking in Parebergen

A hike in Pare means unparalleled views and close contact with the population. Usangi, as the village is called where I live 1200 m above sea level, is located in a valley between two long mountain ranges with different peaks. When I look up years wait right and in all directions I want to go there. Oh there. And so to that house. And that house on the other side. And to the top up there. So happy to have a guide who can show the way.

We walk upwards. And further up

My guide Kimbwe spends his days in Pare finding new roads, paths and shortcuts through villages, houses, fields and mountains. Good for me! Kimbwe starts walking. Slowly and steadily. I think it’s not going too fast. After all, it only goes up. Then it carries on further upwards. And upwards. And upwards. In 1.5 hours. It feels in the legs. But I forget that because there is so much going on along the way. We walk through gardens where the women wash and the children doze off after school. Most people stop and exchange a few words with Kimbwe.

They are happy to see a newcomer

Everyone is happy to see me and thinks it is very strange with a Europe that speaks Swahili. There are not that many foreign visitors here. Which makes it even more interesting. We pass nice clay houses and chicken houses and stables in clay. Then a little more modern house. “He lives in Dar Es Salaam,” Kimbwe says proudly as we pass a giant house with unparalleled views down the lake and plain of Kenya. It is difficult to get land in Pare. Nobody sells. And if you want to sell, you get the family against you. If not in this generation then in the next. Group and family pressure, all in one.

Eucalyptus forest and market

A flock of mongoose rattles in the bushes. Randiga. My new favorites. They move so fun. We also saw monkeys. Although I usually see them wherever I am in Africa. Kimbwe wants to take an extra turn, we are going up again. “Oh no, I think.” But I’m too curious. He has found a path through the eucalyptus forest. Wonderful scent. I take leaves and rub around my hands and recognize the typical scent. Then it finally carries down. After 1 hour we arrive at the market which is open Monday and Thursday. Food, clothes and fabric mostly. A group roots in a high shoe that sells for SEK 2. Not sure if it is per shoe or pair. However, I think the biggest challenge is finding a pair in that mess. Before anyone else does. I buy a special nut “kwame” which is only found in Parebergen and the surrounding area. Tastes like Brazil nut.

``Hiking with a view``

Pare is packed with discoveries. Each step contains something beautiful or interesting. And what is different between a hike in Pare and its sister mountain further east, Usambara, is the life of the people. You get a good dose of nature in Pare as well, but above all the charm is to walk between the houses in the mountains. The paths have been trampled by the inhabitants themselves and therefore mostly go between the houses and the gardens. It gives an interesting insight into life in Pare. And then the view, certainly worth calling “hiking with a view”. If you are looking for an authentic hiking trip – this is one of them.

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