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Hikes from Isoitok Manyara Camp

Hikes from Isoitok Manyara Camp

Isoitok Manyara Camp- varied hikes

I had long heard about Isoitok’s various walks with massage so it was a YES when I was invited. The location of Isoitok Camp is perfect between Lake Manyara and Tarangire National Parks. Here you can go hiking, enjoy the view, have lunch in the bush and visit a massage boma. If you want to go on a shorter safari, this is a perfect stop. 1 day Tarangire, 1 day Lake Manyara and 1 day at Isoitok Camp is a good combination.

Exclusive insight into the Maasai culture

The camp is located in the Maasaj area known as Esilalei on the gentle rolling hills of Losimingori, 13 km from the beautiful National Park on Lake Manyara. The camp’s close relationship with its Maasai neighbors makes it possible to be surrounded by the Maasaj culture and lifestyle of those who want to discover it. Through a “Smorgasbord” of activities that the camp offers, you can get exclusive insight into the Maasai traditions and culture.

In balance with nature

What do we like about Isoitok Manyara Camp then? Above all, its sincerity regarding its surroundings and their balance with nature. The owner Chris has since the start been  involved in the communities around the camp. Extremely committed to the nature, the animals and the Maasai. This is hard and long-term work. Which has been awarded the Tanzania Award for “Sustainable Tourism”. Year after year after year. It will be natural for them to work that way.

Harvests rainwater

The camp is completely solar-controlled – of course. They annually harvest an astonishing 54,000 liters of rainwater which is distributed back to the Maasai. This has also led to the transfer of knowledge to the Maasai. Several bomas have already installed systems for harvesting rainwater and storage tanks. This leads to independence and fresh drinking water at hand without having to walk for many hours every day to collect dirty dust water!

The lodge also reuses the shower water for the garden, buys only local products from producers who otherwise do not earn anything from tourism and educates the massage children.

10 USD / night to the village

The camp collects a village development fee, $ 10, for each bed night. This money is used transparently to ensure a positive impact without changing cultural traditions and beliefs. Since 2015, Isoitok Camp has been able to pay for a Maasaj school teacher who teaches kindergarten lessons that bring the seed to education for the youth of Esilalei Maasai village. It was this teacher, Ruben, who took me on my walk to the Maasai tree next door.

Activities and hikes

All hikes and activities are real experiences beyond the home scene.

All activities and walks are accompanied by an English-speaking Maasaj guide or a Maasaj warrior with one of the Isoitok employees to assist with translations and explanations that Maasajen cannot provide.

Massage Medicine hiking – the massage is strongly linked to nature and has natural medicines for most ailments.

Maasaj Boma visit – a few hours in a boma where you follow life. We recommend it be done early in the morning.

Traditional singing and dancing- yes they dance and sing really this powerfully. Completely without influences from the modern music that most often washes over us.

Traditional goat sacrifice – perhaps a little in the strongest team. But yes, you kill a goat. As they often do at festivities.

Scenic hike with refreshments – a short afternoon hike up the hill with wonderful views and sunset over Lake Manyara. A cold beer tastes extra good up here.

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