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Hiking trip with massage

Hiking trip with massage

What would a hiking trip to Tanzania be without a massage trip? The eternal wanderers in the landscape of Tanzania. With choirs, goats. Or with the whole boman, or just with what they have on their body.

Africa Amini Massage Lodge

The landscape around Africa Amini Massaj Lodge is a typical Maasai landscape. Barren, beige and dry. Hordes of goats and sheep roam around in search of something edible. The flowers on the bushes, small clicks of color in all the dryness, show that the rain is coming soon.
Our hike starts at 06.30, after coffee on the couch on our wonderful porch overlooking Kilimanjaro. Our massage guide Lukas takes us slowly through the landscape. Up and down the hills left behind after a volcanic eruption. He talks about the different medicinal plants and how they are used. It is as quiet as velvet until a group of Maasai women glide behind the hill with their donkeys. They are looking for termite constructions to take home to fix the huts in the boom with.

Toothbrush from bushes

Luke shows us how to make their own toothbrushes. A special bush with properties that make it work both as a toothpick and a brush. And with ingredients that make teeth white. Accustomed, he handles the big machete – an important tool and a weapon when they are out with their cows / goats / sheep.

The gazelles jump past

We walk slowly through the landscape. Suddenly a Grants Gazell runs past. A completely different experience than seeing them from the car. A pile of feces is lying on the ground. “Bush toilet” Lukas calls it. And it actually is. The gazelles are smart. They lay a mound about 100 m from where they sleep to divert the predators. And they always return to the same toilet. And in this particular toilet we see both traces of Grant’s gazelle and dik-dik. So they agree on the toilets in the wild. Smart animals.

We continue walking the hills. The heat is starting to come. We feel the classic African smell of the grass of the dry plain. Two zebras stand a little further away under the acacia trees. We could walk on for hours but return to Africa AMini Massaj Lodge before it gets too hot. There is a lot to enjoy at the lodge with and this afternoon we will go on a safari with an open car.

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