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Tarangire National Park

Tarangire National Park

Tarangire is our favorite park! Much because it is more unknown and thus offers a more authentic experience. The nature is hilly and varied with lots of stately baoba trees. The slowly flowing Tarangire River divides the landscape. Hordes of elephants slowly lounging.

In Tarangire it is not possible to hike but it is well worth a day or two car safari. And who does not want to see lots of elephants?


The rolling landscape is covered with grass and is broken up by the meandering Tarangire River. The magical baobab trees are everywhere. The rolling hills make it exciting to see what comes beyond the next turn. The river attracts large numbers of animals, especially during the dry season June to November.

The animals

Tarangire is ranked No. 2 after the Serengeti in terms of the richest terrestrial wildlife in the world. Furthermore, Tarangire is Tanzania’s hotspot for elephants. Large herds of elephants roam slowly through the landscape or gather by the Tarangire River to drink or cover themselves with mud to protect small insects.

During the dry period July-November, Tarangire offers a fantastic concentration of animals that are easy to see. Eland and oryx are among the first to return after the rains. Elephants, zebras, and wildebeest can be seen grazing in the open fields. As prey is easy to find among the water holes, both lions and leopards lurk in the thickets. And then lots of monkeys, birds and other small animals.

Best time


Height ö.h

985-1,528 m


‎2850 km²

Rainy season

March April


Car safari
See the animals from the breakfast table
Look out over the valley from the lodge and count animals

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