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Serengeti Walking Camp

Serengeti Walking Camp

Serengeti National Park, Tanzania

Access remote areas of the Serengeti

The Serengeti Walking Camp is set up to allow for walk in remote locations of the Serengeti close to the wildebeest migration. The camp is designed to fit in one car and can easily be driven into the deep of Serengeti. This way it is easily moved together with the movement of the animals. But still there is a high level of comfort, nice beds and good food.

Eco friendly

The camp is as eco-friendly as possible. No single use plastic, recycling, solar powered light, minimizing waste and much more.

The tents

The 3-man dome style tents has space enough for 2 people. The 4-inch mattresses on bed frames are comfortable. As they are bedded with cotton covered duvets you get a feeling of luxury in the middle of the wild. The bathroom is just behind the tent and equipped with pit latrines and bucket showers.

If you are the adventurous type you can use an open stargazing tent. It is made completely out of gauze so you can see the nature and the sky when in bed. It has a rain cover that can be put up if rain.


Meals are eaten under the stars. In case of bad weater there is a small mess tent. In order to have as great as possible food, most meals are prepared in advance with final touch up by the Serengeti crew. There will be drinks- but do not expect any ice in the middle of nowhere ….

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