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Selous Game Reserve

Selous Game Reserve

Selou’s reserve offers a large piece, much like Switzerland, undisturbed and beautiful wilderness. The reserve is located in the southern part of Tanzania beyond the tourist masses of northern Tanzania. Due to its dramatic scenery and great diversity of wildlife, UNESCO declared it a World Heritage Site. Unique with Selous is that it offers both boat, car and hiking – we think you should try all three.


Selous is crossed by the river Rufiji (which is the largest river in the country) which forms a network of swamps, canals and lakes – full of crocodiles, hippos and elephants.

Selous allows hiking, and offers animal enthusiasts the chance to explore Tanzania’s pristine landscape on foot.

Wildlife in Selous

In Selous there are lots of wild mammals: buffalo, lions, wildebeest, giraffes, zebras, hippos, impalas, lots of different gazelles and antelopes, in addition to leopards, crocodiles and hyenas. And not least 445 different colorful bird species. In addition, this is among the few nature reserves on the African continent where you will find the Puku antelopes, the African wild dogs and the saber antelope. If you are lucky you can see the elephants swimming in the river.

Around the camps there is a constant flow of animals coming down to drink by the river. The water is often full of hippos and crocodiles lazing in the sun on the river banks.

Best time


Height ö.h

36 - 1,461 m


‎47,655 km²

Rainy season



Hiking safari

Boat safari

Car safari
Visit to the village of Mwaseni

Hang on the lodge and look out over the hippos in the river
Sunset over the Rufiji river

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