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Ruha National Park

Ruha National Park

In the heart of Tanzania, Ruaha is a pristine national park on the southern safari circuit. The second largest national park after the Serengeti. One of the parks where hikes to see wildlife are allowed. Its relative inaccessibility means fewer tourists than in Selous and less than any comparable park in northern Tanzania. The exceptional and unique landscape of Ruaha is best explored on a hiking safari.

Nature in Ruaha

Ruaha has a varied dramatic landscape with rolling hills, palm groves and large open plains. Most of the national park is located on a 900 meter plateau. Its topography with hills, valleys and plains makes the hikes extra varied.

The great Ruaha River dominates the park and is hugely crucial to wildlife. As Ruaha is usually dry, the animals stay close to the river – so it is easier to find them.

Huge baobab trees are a clear feature of Ruaha, where almost every tree bears scars from the huge elephant population. The elephant gnaws on the juicy bark and sticks its strong pastures into the tree trunks.

An authentic wilderness that is still quite untouched.

Wildlife in Ruaha

When it comes to wildlife, Ruaha certainly has something to brag about. Ruaha is said to have the highest concentration of elephants of any national park in East Africa. It is also one of the few places where the stately Kudun (both larger and smaller) can be seen and some unusual antelopes. In addition, the endangered wild dogs live here, which can be seen in herds resting. If you still got to see them hunt…. Other animals in the park are lions, leopards, cheetahs, giraffes, zebras, elk, impala, foxes and jackals.

Apart from large animals, the park also has a number of reptiles and toads such as crocodiles, venomous and non-venomous snakes, monitor lizards, agama lizards and frogs.

The park is a bird paradise with more than 571 species – some of them migrants from and outside Africa.

Best time


Height ö.h

750 - 1,900 m


‎12,950 km²

Rainy season



Hiking hazard

Car safari

Sunset over the Ruaha River

Look for the unusual wild dogs

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