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Rhotia Valley Tented Lodge

Rhotia Valley Tented Lodge

Karatu, Tanzania (near Ngorongoro)

A lodge with mountain and valley views whose surplus goes to their orphanage. An orphanage that needs bread, so it became a bakery. Whose surplus goes to the orphanage. Who need milk- so they produce their own milk and cheese. Which they also sell to support the orphanage. The electricity is produced from biogas from the cows that produce the milk. All this you can take part in as well as wonderful walks around the area. Sedna also has large and attractive tents with a huge view, as well as a pool and their own vegetable garden. The chef is fantastic he is with. The location is 1 hour from the edge of Ngororongor crater and perfect location for a hiking safari along Ngorongoro and the Maasaila around Ngorongoro. It is possible with a visit down into the crater as well.

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