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Pare Mountains

Pare Mountains

From one village to another

Narrow trails wind through the mountains from one village to another. The mountain villages are rarely visited by outsiders and the Pare inhabitants are keen on preserving their culture. These are the main reasons why Pare is worth a visit. Apart from its beauty.

The remote Pare Mountains in the North East of Tanzania are rewarding to the enthusiastic traveller looking for hikes and experiences off the beaten path. When climbing the slopes, one of Africa’s most special landscapes is revealed for your eyes. Local villages and beautiful tropical forest with many rare trees and plants, eucalyptus forests and friendly people not shy to stop for a chat regardless of language barriers is something else to look forward to.

As the Pares Mountains are fairly populated and the many small villages are connected by a network of paths and tracks these mountains are highly suitable for explorative walks.


The Pare Mountains officially fall within the Kilimanjaro region but are a part of the Eastern Arc Mountains- a much older and a geologically separate formation from Mount Kilimanjaro.. It lies about 150 kilometre south of Moshi, and are located near the better known Usambara Mountains. The Pare Mountains attained their present form 25 million years ago. Its highest peak is 2,463 meters.

The people in Pare - Wapare

The Wapare as is the Swahili name for the inhabitants of Pare Mountains. Their main income come from producing tea, coffee, sisal (commonly used to make baskets and carpets) and pottery. They are one of the most traditional tribes in Tanzania with distinctive culture and sense of identity. Wapare has kept their knowledge about medicinal plants and are known for their good healers. As they consider the forest being sacred and guarded by spirits, lots of this indigenous forest is intact and keep from being cut down.

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Hike between the villages

Trek in the Eucalyptus forest

Visit the Usangi market

Bird watching

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