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Ngare Sero Mountain Lodge

Ngare Sero Mountain Lodge

Mount Meru, Tanzania

This is not a lodge- it is a whole experience 1229 m above sea level and a whole hiking trip in itself. On the site and its protected areas there are waterfalls, ponds, fish farms, horses, black and white Colobus monkeys and 200 different bird species. The old farm has been renovated with exceptional attention to detail both in the rooms, the restaurant and in the garden.

From your room you can see and hear the birds. Several families of the White-black Colobus monkey live here and they jump around in the garden next to your room. If you want to take a ride in the area on horseback, they have several well-groomed horses. There are countless wonderful places to enjoy the unique nature. As well as a boat to row around on the lake, swings across the lake and fire both outside and inside.

The food is high class with ingredients from your own vegetable garden or from surrounding farms. The water served for free in the rooms and in the restaurant is taken from the various water sources on the mountain.

The lodge supplies surrounding villages with water from the stream that flows through the area and the pumps are powered by self-produced electricity.

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