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Mount Meru

Mount Meru

Fantastic views and village life close by

Climbing Mount Meru is not for the faint of heart. But its foot offers hikers wonderful experiences through different landscapes with fantastic views and friendly people.


The slopes along Mount Meru are a beautiful green, beautifully varied area with rainforest, streams, villages, monkeys. The mountain, located in Arusha National Park, is ubiquitous. At 4,566 m, Mt Meru is Tanzania’s second highest peak after Kilimanjaro and the fifth highest in Africa.

The animals

The fertile slopes of Mount Merus rise over the surrounding savannah and are home to a variety of wildlife, including nearly 400 bird species, but also buffalo, leopards, giraffes and various species of monkeys, such as baboons and colobus monkeys. If you walk along the slopes, you see mostly monkeys and birds. In addition to the farm animals on the various farms then. And lots of chickens, dogs, cats…. So this is mostly about striking nature and everyday life.

Climb Mount Meru

If you want to make the trip to the top of Mount Meru, which takes 3 to 4 days depending on the pace, we can help with that. The climb to the top of this volcano goes through many different vegetation zones: from grasslands to thick and lush green rainforest, heath and heathland along the crater rim and alpine desert. The steep slopes mean that the hike in Mount Meru is far from easy, so you need to be in very good shape.

Best time

All year round

Height ö.h

1150-4566 m



Rainy season



Hiking in the rainforest

Wander around the area and discover village life

See the black and white colobus monkeys jumping in the trees

Watch the sunset at Mount Meru

Hiking to coffee plantation

Try different roasts at Kahawa Coffee

Coffee / lunch at Tanzan Coffee

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