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Green Camp Lake Manyara

Green Camp Lake Manyara

Lake Manyara National Park, Tanzania

This wonderful camp in Lake Manyara is an experience in itself. It is located in the middle of nature on the banks of the river Endabash at the bottom of a waterfall. From the cliffs you have a beautiful view of the park down to the lake.

But the most impressive thing about this camp is the wildlife that comes to the river to drink. Some parts of the year, this river is the only source of water and attracts thousands of animals. Enjoy the breathtaking scenery and exciting visitors such as elephants and buffaloes.

The camp consists of eight square eco-tents on raised platforms. With cozy beds, stylish furnishings and a terrace overlooking the creek, each tent has been designed to offer the greatest comfort with minimal environmental impact. Simple natural luxury with crisp sheets, odor-free wood chip toilets and bucket shower with. You wish you could stay longer….

Meals are prepared by the camp chef. All meals are 3-course and are enjoyed together on the sand while nature’s animals surround you. At night you hear the monkeys, the birds and all the other passels that roam around in the forest next door.

Green Camps are used in the most environmentally sustainable way. Energy production takes place via solar energy and waste is minimized. The camp is almost plastic-free.

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