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Central Serengeti Green Camp

Central Serengeti Green Camp

Serengeti National Park, Tanzania

Magic location in Central Serengeti

The location of this camp in Central Serengeti allow for your experience to continue throughout the evening and night.The camp is located on the banks of the Orange River in surrounded by scattered acacia woodlands. The view is typical of the Serengeti with open grasslands. It is common to sit in the camp and see flocks of zebras and wildebeest passing by.

The wildlife

The wildlife moving through the camp varies. The closeness to the Orange River secures  for all types of animals coming to visit – especially during the dry months. Sometimes you can sit at the fire place and enjoy buffalo, elepant, hyena, zebra, wildebeests passing by.

The tents

The tents are 4 meters across with double beds, linen bedding, chairs, luggage racks and a large bathroom with hot water shower. The camp has 5-8 tents and a fair tent where the chefs conjure up Tanzania’s ingredients.


Green Camps are used in the most environmentally sustainable way. Energy production takes place via solar energy and waste is minimized. The camp is almost plastic-free.

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