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Arusha National Park

Arusha National Park

Small and lush

This small and lush green park located 1700-4566 meters above sea level, is the perfect soft start for hiking and safaris in northern Tanzania. Not only because of Kilimanjaro’s fascinating little sister, Mt Meru (4,566 m) which is stately sighted, but also for its versatile landscape.


The breathtaking landscape stretches from the Merukrater in the west, the Ngurdotocrat in the southeast to the grasslands and then the alkaline Momella Lakes in the northeast. The view of the plain is split by rolling mountains and valleys, rippling streams and waterfalls

The animals

The park is known for its large number of giraffes. Herds of buffalo, zebra, antelope and warthog are sighted on the plain. When hiking in Arusha National Park, you will be close to both giraffes (4 m) and buffalo. As the park’s rangers have slowly but surely made the animals accustomed to different groups of walkers, the animals regard humans as part of them.

Arusha National Park can be visited all year round but the best time is June to September and from December to early March.

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552 km²

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Canoe on Momelasjön

Hike to the Ngurudotocrat

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