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Our offer; the unexpected

Get close to the nature

We live here. Everything we offer we have tested ourselves. We want you to get the most, the best and unique out of your time and your money. Close experiences where most of the time is spent in the middle of nature. With the animals around you.

Helen herself on a safari vehicle

Hi, I'm Helen

I'm behind Africa By Foot. Otherwise, we are a bunch of friends who love to discover Africa on foot. And another bundle of very experienced guides. And some more fantastic enthusiasts with wonderful luxury tents / lodges / safaris in the most outstanding places you can possibly know exist if you have not spent much time in the country.

I cannot get enough

I can not get enough of Africa. Or Tanzania and its endless possibilities of new explorations. A varied and uniquely beautiful country with Africa’s most densely populated wildlife. All our hikes and lodges we promote I have completed and visited myself. My first trip to the mainland was to the southern highlands. The area around Mbeya, Tukuyu and down to Lake Nyasi. Then the discoveries continued one by one. Selous. Tarangire. West Kilimanjaro. Lake Eaysi. Rwanda. Hiking around the foothills of Mount Meru.

I have been to many places. Made countless safaris. But there is so much more to discover in Tanzania. And Ethiopia. Malawi. Zimbabwe….

Touch, taste and feel African soil

We want you to get the most out of your money and time. We want you to touch, smell and taste African soil and not just sit in the car. All done in an as responsible manner as possible.

When I’m not wandering around Africa, you will find me on Zanzibar. On the Jambiani beach with my two wonderful dogs. Or sailed my traditional dhow Mimi.

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